Live From Mannfield : A Rocket League Podcast

Rocket League podcast by two high level players, including pro interviews, tips and tutorials, trivia, games, and more!

Ep. 117 “Watery Cereal is Great!” Ft. Smash Indy Gaming League, NARLI Experience & Recap & NRG News

July 18th, 2018

Another great week for you guys! This weeks guest is Smash, a part of the Indy Gaming League. We also get to talk to Ninja about his experience at NARLI and see who won the amazing event.

Ep. 116 “The World Cup Challenge!” ft.KrunchyGoodness 10th Anniversary Event, Stadium Map, Rocket League 3rd Birthday and NARLI Predictions

July 11th, 2018

Another great episode! This week we have KrunchyGoodness as our special guest. This week we look into the newly released 10th anniversary Event. We tested the new map Stadium and gave our opinions on it. We checked out the yearly graph giving information about Rocket League and it’s player base, and we also did our Northern Arena predictions for this weekend.

Ep. 115 “The Independence of RL!” Ft.VDKAIce 3 Years of Rocket League, 10 Years of SARPBC and Anniversary Event!

July 4th, 2018

How’s it going guys! Special guest VdkaIce on this week, old patreon supporter! This week we talk about the 3rd Rocket League anniversary, their party they are hosting, the free weekend for PC and Xbox for it and the amazing Event including Stadium! A long foreseen map.

Ep. 114 “We have Returned!” With ScallopCallop! Rocket Pass Information, XP Update Details, New Update, RLCS Recap and Jurassic Update!

June 27th, 2018

We have finally returned! Our first episode back since the special episode. This week we get to look at details on the Rocket Pass and XP Update. We also talk about our experience with the Jurassic World DLC. Ninja also gets to give his opinions on RLCS World Championship.

The RLCS Season V Experience FT. Interviews with G2, NRG, Dignitas and more!

June 20th, 2018

This is the story of NoxPhoenix's trip to season 5 RLCS. Interviews featuring G2, NRG, Dignitas, Chiefs, Tainted Minds, with Exclusives featuring Jknaps, Gimmick, and Snaski this is sure to be a good listen!!!!

Ep. 113 “Which accent suits best?” Ft. Dondochacka! Patch Notes + New Season, Jurrassic World DLC and a lot of Reddit Discussion?

June 6th, 2018

It’s sad but we are saying goodbye to our host DarthGoje, we wish him the best of luck. Taking his spot for the week we welcome Dondochacka back on the show! We get to talk about the Patch Notes including the new map, new crate and new season! We also got an announcement of the next DLC being Jurrassic World and we go into detail about the controversial reddit conversations going on.

Ep. 112 “Salty Pool 2” Salty Shores Update, Unofficial Patch Notes, Northern Arena teams Finalized!

May 23rd, 2018

Holy cow, what a great week we have for you guys. To start off, we got an amazing announcement of the Salty Shores Update with a new map, crates and event 2 weeks after! Along with that we found out the 8 teams going to Northern Arena LAN in July!

Ep.111 “Use your tail” Ft. Liefx, Universal Open, Summer Roadmap, RLCS Tickets and Season 7 Rewards!

May 16th, 2018

We have a special episode for you guys this week. Not only is it longer, but we have liefx on the show talking to us about what he’s been up to. We also get an announcement for Universal Open, the Summer Roadmap with a lot of information. Tickets for RLCS are on sale and Season 7 is ending and we now know the rewards.

Ep. 110 “Doible the Derby!” New Logo, Double Drop Rate Weekend, Northern Arena 2 and cool jacob Video!

May 9th, 2018

We got another exciting week for you guys. Psyonix decided to switch the logo out on us and added a spoiler! We have a double drop rate weekend coming up and Jacob showed us a neat trick! And don’t forget, Northern Arena is returning in July!

Ep. 109 “Spoiling LANDON” Ft. SunlessKhan, LAN announcement, and more!

May 2nd, 2018

This week we get to talk to SunlessKhan and picked his brain, LAN is announced and all LAN teams are finally confirmed. And we went into Promotion Relegation predictions.