Live From Mannfield : A Rocket League Podcast

Rocket League podcast by two high level players, including pro interviews, tips and tutorials, trivia, games, and more!

Ep. 129 “Cracking a Cold Conspiracy” - Org items, RLCS Predictions, Baby Announcement???

November 7th, 2018

Psyonix breaks its silence on org items, we talk about it. RLCS is this weekend, we talk about that too. There is a new T-Shirt at LAN??? We don't really talk about that... JK we do!

Quick Update! LFMCostumeContest winners and a new podcast?!?!?!

November 2nd, 2018

Quick hop on the feed to announce the LFM Costume Contest Winners and give some other exciting announcements, including a new podcast starting!!!!

Ep. 128 “Boost is Legal!” CRL Championships, Patch Notes v1.54 & Age Difference in Games

October 24th, 2018

Short week, but had a lot of fun in this episode. First off we talked about the announcement of the CRL Championship LAN! Next up, we got a sudden update. Information given in Patch Notes v1.54. And in Nox Talks we talk about the age difference in gaming!

Ep. 127 “600 Million?” Haunted Hallows, RLCS Tickets on Sale, Hot Wheels Rival Release Date and Fall Roadmap!

October 18th, 2018

A day late, but still just as much news! First off, we got the release of the Halloween event, Haunted Hallows! Next up we found out that the RLCS Tickets have officially went on sale. Following up, we got an announcement for the release of Hot Wheels Rival set. Finally, the Fall Roadmap!

Ep. 126 “Who’s the next Pro?” Learn from Pros, New crate, Community Meet Up & Double XP Weekend!

October 10th, 2018

We’ve got a filled up ‘2’ weeks for you guys! First up there is an interesting Community Spotlight where pros teach you stuff! We also got to look at the new crate that snuck up on us. And double XP Weekend is coming to u

Ep. 125 “The GOATS have taken over!” Season 9, Patch Notes, Hot Wheels DLC and more!

September 25th, 2018

In this week we get to talk about the brand new update! The goats are here by the way. We talk about the new competitive playlists, the patch notes and the Hot Wheels DLC!

Ep. 124 “An accident has happened” Ranked Season 9, Season 8 Rewards & Hot Wheels DLC + New Map

September 20th, 2018

Sorry for the delay, VDKAIce got into an accident and we had to delay it a day. But this week we get to go into detail about the rewards for Season 8! We also get a date for Season 9 and a little more information about it. Along with Season 9 we get Hot Wheels DLC including a brand new Rocket League Map!

Ep.123 “I sold my Yacht..” Ft. Hrolf from RankedHoops, LAN Announcement???, Rocket Pass and RLCS is BACK!

September 12th, 2018

Must we remind you? We have an awesome episode for you! We get to talk to Hrolf a founder of RankedHoops and get all the information we can about Hoops. We also got to look at Rocket Pass in game, and we got a LAN Announcement all ready? No way!

Ep. 122 “BACK TO SCHOOL” 3 New Updates?!, Rocket Pass, RLRS Play-Ins and Fan Rewards

September 5th, 2018

Boy do we have an episode for you this week. First off, we talk about our experience with the 3 new updates we got last week? What??? We also get to talk in detail about everything coming to Rocket Pass! Fan Rewards are now available for RLCS, RLRS and CRL and in Ninja's Super Happy Esports Fun Time, we talk about who made it into the RLRS for the third season!

EP. 121 “CAT HAIR IN MY VENT!” Progression Update, Clubs, Universal Open 2 and More!

August 29th, 2018

We have an exciting episode for you! This week we talk about the Progression Update and what to expect. We talk about the Clubs being added during this update and we are finally back with weekly esports news! This week we get to talk about Universal Open 2 Results.